We are a Catholic community where our love of God, self and others is central to our learning and all that we do.

      At St Peter’s this happens when:

  • Relationships between all in the community are modelled on the Gospel values, whilst respecting the diverse faith traditions and beliefs in the community.
  • Opportunities exist for all to foster their love of God, deepen their faith and explore Catholic traditions.
  • Sustainable practices are adopted to reduce our ‘environmental footprint’ thus encouraging an appreciation and love of God’s creation.
  • A vibrant and dynamic learning community exists, with a strong emphasis on developing social and emotional competencies and capabilities.
  • Life Long learning is modelled and success is achieved by all and celebrated.
  • Students are motivated to be enthusiastic and engaged learners, reflecting on their own learning and its application to their daily lives.
  • Happy, confident, resilient, responsible children are willing to take risks to solve everyday problems in a restorative manner knowing that their choices and behaviours affect the lives of others.  
  • Personal growth and positive self esteem are promoted through the recognition of individual skills and talents.
  • Inclusiveness is evident by catering for student’s individual needs, learning styles, backgrounds, perspectives and interests.
  • Students and their families are provided with a friendly, supportive, productive and safe environment so that they feel connected to school community.